Club History

A Brief History of Adswood United Football Club

We first entered the Stockport District Sunday Football League in Division 5 in 1966 under the management of Albert Hill and Harry Weaver.

Gaining promotion year after year until we reached the old first division under another management team of Len Pavey and Eddie Burgess.

A second team was added in 1970 managed by the highly respected ex first team player Harry Bannard.

Since these first steps in the Stockport District Sunday Football League there has been a number of Managers: Alan, Pavey, Billy Wood, John Mannion, Peter Pavey, Kenny Tait, Tim Burke, John Smith, John Brooks, Steve Cunningham and now Nathan Downes and Aaron Hester 

In the early nineties a third team was added and although we only have one senior team at present the junior Section is going from strength to strength and year we continue to grow what we hope will be  the senior teams of the future.

We have added some documents/pictures from out archivesincluding the minutes from the first club meeting.

We are always on the look it for additional memorabilia so please do get in touch if you have anything to share at .

Kind regards

Tim Burke




This shirt was part of the kit worn by Portugal for training at what is now Cheadle Town, during the World Cup in 1966. After the tournament the kit was donated to Adswood United in our inaugural year.

This shirt was proudly worn by an Adswood United legend and life member Brian Hall. Adswood United in still very dear to Brians heart and he recently passed on lots of documents to us which are now on the website. So, a massive thank you to Brian.

If there is anybody out there who has pictures or programmes about Adswood United, please get in touch at and we will aim to post them on our website.




Honours List Senior Teams

. For Junior Honours please visit each teams section 

Stockport District Sunday Football League

1966-67Division 5​​​​Runners Up

1967-78Division 4 ‘Brooks Cup’​​Runners Up

1971-72Division 2​​​​Winners

1972-73Division 1​​​​Runners Up

1972-73Division 6​​​​Winners ‘B Team’

1973-74League Challenge Trophy​​Runners Up

1974-75League Challenge Trophy​​Runners Up

1979-80Division 4​​​​Runners Up ‘Reserves’

1982-83Division 1​​​​Winners

1987-88Division 4​​​​Winners ‘Reserves’

1990-91Division 1​​​​Runners Up

1990-91Division 4​​​​Runners Up ‘Reserves’

1992-93Division 1​​​​Winners

1994-95Division 4​​​​Runners Up ‘Reserves’

1996-97Division 1​​​​Runners Up

1994-95Division 4​​​​Runners Up ‘Reserves’

1996-97Secretary of The Year​​​Shaun Whelan

2003-04Division 1​​​​Winners

2004-05Paul Bailey/Graham Wright Trophy Runners Up ‘Reserves’

2010-11Division 1​​​​Runners Up

2012-13Harold English Memorial TrophyRunners Up

2012-13Young Player of the Year​​Carl Sutton

2013-14Premier Division​​​Runners Up

2013-14Harold English Memorial TrophyRunners Up

2013-14Stockport FA Sunday Cup​​Winners

2014-15Premier Division​​​Runners Up

2014-15Young Player of the Year​​Josh Harrison


2015-16Premier Division​​​Runners Up

2015-16Stockport FA Sunday Cup​​Winners

2015-16Young Player of the Year​​Josh Harrison

2018-19Young Player of the Year​​Dale Hester


Stockport and Cheadle League

1992-93Division 4​​​​Runners Up

1996-97Secretary of The Year​​​Shaun Whelan


Stockport Football League (Saturday)

1985-86Division 3​​​​Winners

1985-86Cheetham Cup​​​Runners Up

1992-93Division 2​​​​Winners

1992-93Barratt Cup​​​​Winners

1995-96Secretary of The Year​​​Shaun Whelan


Cheadle Cup



1992-93Runners Up

1994-95Runners Up

Collage from the Stockport FA Cup win in 2014